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Hi!  Today I want reply to Lexie with this post, because she is not the only one in this situation.

She is doing her first steps as a hairdresser and She asked from me how she can market herself and start to have her own customers.

I want to give a few rules that I consider to be essential to make this work at the highest levels.

how to be great hairstylist

  1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOOK. This is really important. Its like when you prepare yourself for to meet a special person for you. You pay attention at what you are wearing, how is your make up and hair, and maybe nice shoes. This will let feel your clients that they are special for you. Pay attention also in the way you speak, remember that the way how you look and how you speak and about what you speak will determinate what kind of clients you will have.
  2. THE CLIENT’S EXPERIENCE IS YOUR FOCUS. You have to be a bit therapist or psychologist. You don’t start to speak about your problems.. listen what the client wants and offer to them the best experience they can have in a salon. They are not just buying a service, they decide to take care of themselves for 2 or 3 hours “stealing” that time from the family, kids, work etc…
  3. BE PASSIONATE AND PERFECTIONIST. Be passionate about your work, follow seminars , learn new technics, follow inspiring hairstylist. If you do perfect color ,beautiful haircut and amazing hairdos that are long lasting, believe me, clients will be remembering you and will recommend you to their friends. Be aware that your work has impact in the life of your clients.

I’m sure these tips will be extremely useful for you!

About the promotional part I don’t believe in discount or coupon like groupon etc. I think that kind of clients use it one time and the next time they will take another one, generally they don’t give the right value to your work and they are not ready to pay the right price.

I can say how I promoted myself when i started but I’m in Europe, it’s possible that in USA things are a bit different. I started to do a lot of shows in clubs or at runways in fashion shows.I built my team with make up artist and photographers for photo-shooting. A lot of models started to be my personal clients and then Word of mouth to mouth did the rest.

Another way is follow a great hairdresser who has more clients than she/he can handle this allows to you to learn he/her secrets and him enjoy his/her light.

Let me know about your progress… 😉

bye Janeli


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I love your advice on offering the right type of promotions! It is easy to quickly devalue one’s work if we are too quick to use groupon or another type of service like this. Thanks for your words of encouragement to the industry!


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