September hair styles seminar

September hairstyle seminar


in september i organized a little seminar about the hairstyle , one of the student was Jana Boberg ,she is a really good make up artist and She wanted learn how style hair in professional way… and she was really good!!!

you know  i like let speak the images…

the day was intense and we had a lot of  fun

…and you have to admit… I am really good teacher!!!  😉

bye Janeli

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Your work is lovely, and I especially like it because you can see a woman’s face. One question, though, since I’ve been following your blog, I never saw a brunette or a redhead, only blondes. How come? (I’m not criticizing, just curious if there’s a reason).


Hi seakist
I think it’s really important choose the haircut and hairstyle according to the shape of the face… and sometimes also according with style and dress. About the blondes is random, it depends which model i found… but there is a why if some my foreign friends call Estonia: Barbie Land.


Yes, I agree with the hairstyle going with the outfit. I even have some t-shirts that I’ll always wear my hair up with, never down, because it would take away from the look. I was just curious about the hair colors, I thought maybe the blonde showed the styles better because it’s light? Just an artistic question, that’s all.


I love the hair?! I live in LA and can’t seem to find anyone DECENT meaning not sooo expensive to do this to my hair…What do u think about OMBRE coloring?


Hi! I have to say that i really like the Ombre color technique…but its important to choose right color shades…i don’t know what color is your skin and what color your wardrobe is…these things play big role in choosing the right color. And for good result i think you need to pick a good master and good salon…its not for beginners! I hope you find someone good! Anyway i think is important to a woman to find her own hairdresser who knows the woman and her style and hair…like a doctor knows a patient and its health. Sometimes is little change of shade or cut doing the WOW effect 🙂

Hattie Wilcox

Big statement style! Have you seen Rock and Roll Bride images (Las Vegas)? Are brides doing “trash the dress” in your part of the world?

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