photo shooting: “COLORS”

Hi I want show you today my last photo shooting.

The photographer is a young but talented girl Anrike Piel ,who lives in Los Angeles , the make up artist is my friend Mari Ojasaar, the model is Adeline Vaher-Vahter. Who is following me by enough time can remember her like competitor in the 2012 edition of Estonia’s next top model.

The guidelines for the photo shooting was all about color. For the hairstyle we decided to do  was a textured updo, almost rasta effect.

It’s amazing how the same model with different color (makeup, dress and location) give you different sensation.




by  Janeli


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Christopher Zenner

Absolutely LOVE the striking color contrast between photos. Adeline is beautiful, and you did an amazing job on her hair, Janeli. =] This photo shoot is stunning.

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